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May 31, 2023·edited May 31, 2023

The way the lacrosse program has woven Jimmy Regan's memory, and respect for sacrifice by the military, into the fabric of the team is one of the things about Duke sports that have made me most proud over the past decade or so. Memorial day title games just hit differently than any other NCAA event for me. I'm just glad Duke was able to make the push in the 2nd half to avoid what could have been an even more rotten ending to another season that's destined to feel like another lost opportunity.

And Kudos to Marissa Young's squad for raising the bar further in a year when no one would have lost sleep over a step back as we adjust to life after PSG. These freshman play with an edge - sorta like you see from OU and top SEC players - which I think portends a very bright future.

Thanks for your outstanding coverage this spring!

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