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Great softball details - from the stream, it sure did seem like Charlotte traveled extremely well. Duke's Pitching depth/maturity was exposed just a bit over the weekend, but it's a great sign for the future that they stuck together and broke through. Nice to see the football team get some airtime, too. Hopefully the home field advantage will be a bit stronger next weekend, as they'll need every edge they can conjure up.

Speaking of Stanford.... While it almost seems futile to be a college golf fan now that broadcasters have mostly given up on coverage, it's a bit hard not to feel like the Stanford women have captured Duke's mojo, at least in the short run. Hopefully the next great junior look at that as an opportunity compared to stepping into Rose Zhang's shadow.

P.S. Duke All-American Andres Pedroso won his 3rd NCAA title in 5 years as head mens's tennis coach in Charlottesville 😲

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